Preta LoBue


A modern gym/overnight bag with a built-in checklist that gets you ready to go.


Shower. Work.

Pack faster. Get ready faster.

No more digging into mystery pockets.

Awesome Features

Separate Clothing Section

Zippered clothing compartment  keeps your outfit neatly folded.  Pockets for undergarments and socks/hosiery.

Clear Pockets. Labeled

9 interior labeled pockets remind you what to pack. 3 exterior pockets for quick access items. Plus a padded pocket for laptop/tablet and a water bottle holder.

Pouches for Shoes and Laundry

Includes two detachable pouches with tethered straps so they have a place to stay in the bag.


About Us

Before launching PRETA LOBUE in NYC, Sonia Preta established a career in merchandising and design, working in executive positions at companies including Saks Fifth Avenue and Victoria's Secret, as well as previously launching her own coat line. In her words, "Getting my workout in before work has always been a priority, so showering at the gym is a necessity. But getting a gym bag ready without forgetting anything can be a challenge. For years, I searched for the right bag, and finally decided to have a prototype made for my own use. This bag has given me so much peace because it keeps me organized and gets me out the door quickly. And it's also become my go-to overnight bag, so now I can't live without it. After keeping it just for myself for some time, I decided it was time to put it out there for others to enjoy as well."